Friday, August 12, 2011


It's raining up a storm here in our part of NC. I'm so thankful for the rain since it's cooler now and it just washes everything. God is good. Rain also puts me in the sewing mood. It's so peaceful and quiet so I take the time to enjoy it. I'm starting on my lap quilts next week. They are always a good seller at the Fall festivals. I have a wholesale company who has a large assortment of homespun so I'm trying to save up enough money to get at least ten bolts. The colors are amazing. As you know homespun can be expensive since Wal Mart hasn't got their fabric back in yet. Our's will be back in January. I'm so happy Wal-Mart got rid of the person who stopped the stores from selling fabric. He's out of there. Now we are getting our morning glory back in too. How happy are we over that. It sure has been a battle trying to find the right stuffing to make my items. One good thing was my mother went to a sale and found me some of the old poly fil and it's just fabulous. Talk about real stuffing! You can't find it anymore and really i don't know if they still sell that brand. So now it's time to get busy creating and getting those Fall items ready. Hope you stop by my selling blog, BLACK CREEK PRIMITIVES. BLESSINGS, JANICE

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Janice Sweetie...
Raining? Can you please pass some out here to the Phoenix desert? We so need some of that. To cool off again, and water everything free. Oh my, you are so darn lucky. When it is raining outside, it does put you in different moods. Sewing, baking, reading a good book, and sometimes just laying back and listening to the sound of the pitter patter, and I love the thunder. Thank you for sharing this morning. I so enjoyed this write.

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Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry